Woodchurch Winter Wonderland Walks (4W)

‘Poetry for the Planet’

For 2021, our ‘Winter Wonderland Walk’ trail will be themed as ‘Poetry for the Planet’.

Our Village planters/planted areas will soon be getting (if not already) their winter refresh to brighten up the winter days and we hope many will be again lit up from Sunday 28th Nov, to tie in with the Christmas Tree on the Green ‘switch-on’.
During December, we will be encouraging all villagers and visitors to write a short poem/phrase on sustainable material to summarise their commitment to help protect the planet. We’ll ask them to then place these either in one of the Village planters or hang them on the Christmas Tree.

A Big Thank you again to all our ‘Planter adopters’ for continuing to keep our planters looking so good.

We need your help……!

If you or anyone you know is willing and able to make some wooden shapes that could be used by Villagers to write their poems/phrases on, we’d love you to get in touch please!
Similarly, we are looking for someone to make a globe shape (2D or maybe even 3D?) to have by the Christmas Tree to hang some of the wooden shapes from – again if you think you maybe able to help, please do get in touch via woodchurchinbloom@winbloom


Details & words to follow

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