The THRIVE strand focuses on the therapeutic benefits of gardening and gardening related activities. 🦋

We aim to encourage and enable the widest participation of villagers. Promoting physical, mental and social well being regardless of age, ability, experience or confidence.

Research has shown that gardening can change the way we feel…“simple gardening tasks makes us feel good”

Gardening links with the NHS five ways to well being as you:
🌱CONNECT WITH OTHERS – sharing activities, supporting each other
🌱BECOME MORE ACTIVE – being outside and doing even the smallest task has a positive effect on our physical abd mental health
🌱TAKE NOTICE OF THE NATURAL WORLD – experiencing the joys of nature
🌱KEEP LEARNING – develop new skills abd gain in confidence
🌱GIVE TO OTHERS – through sharing and helping others.

💚 Working together we are investing in the future 💚

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