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Woodchurch in Bloom – SILVER WINNER 2018 & GOLD WINNER 2019 – South and South East

South and South East in Bloom is the regional part of Britain in Bloom celebrating horticultural and community initiatives throughout Britain every year. Having won Best Kept Village back in 1960, 1983 and 1986 and with all the excellent initiatives taking place in Woodchurch by volunteers the village was entered into the ‘In Bloom’ competition in 2018 and 2019.

The purpose of the project was to involve as many members of the community in horticultural activities for the benefit of the village as a whole whilst striving for high level of environmental responsibility and aiming for long term engagement by the community.

With the excellent efforts from volunteers and support from the Parish Council and local community entities Woodchurch proudly won the SILVER AWARD in 2018 and GOLD AWARD in 2019 in the SSEIB Horticultural Society competition. The plaques can be viewed on the main village sign by The Green.

Borough Councillor (Weald South) David Ledger commented: “It is wonderful to see how a project like Woodchurch In Bloom can bring together so many different parts of a community working together with a common goal”.

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