Pumpkin Challenge

25 October 2021

🎃🎃 Wow, what a brilliant time we’ve had seeing all these wonderful ‘blooming’ & ‘lumin’ creations! 🎃🎃All winners of course but our favourites are in the individual photos below…Please add your own thoughts of your favourites and add more photos as I’m sure we didn’t manage to find them all’ Well done Woodchurch, we were very impressed!

🎃 The FUN PUMPKIN CHALLENGE – Week commencing 25th October 🎃 Help brighten up the darkening Autumn Days! Join our fun Pumpkin Challenge by either:

🍁Planting a pretty ‘blooming’ pumpkin planter!

🍁Carving a creative ‘il loomin ated’ pumpkin!

Place your pumpkin(s) by your front door any time during w/c 25th October for everyone to enjoy

On 31st October we’ll be walking around the Village to take plenty of photos and deciding on a few winners! 🏆

🍂 So will yours be “ blooming” or “loomin” ? 🍂

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