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Has there ever been a better time to invest in valued sponsorship?

Woodchurch in Bloom (WiB) is keen to work with local businesses. Our aims are to support the local economy, minimise its carbon footprint and source items ethically and in accordance with the seven principles of public life:

In order to do this, we will in the first instance seek to work with those who are deemed to be our preferred providers – could this be you?

Preferred provider status will be determined by the following:

  • Geographical location. ie. within or close to Woodchurch
  • Value for money
  • Willingness to provide advice, guidance and support
  • Willingness to work with Woodchurch in Bloom across the breadth of its activities
  • The establishment of a mutual benefit
  • Willingness to support and enhance the strategy detailed further down

Preferred providers will benefit from:

  • Inclusion in WiB’s newsletter
  • Being referenced across the WiB social media platforms
  • Being linked to WiB’s website
  • The appreciation of the local community for their support of a trusted local voluntary group

Woodchurch in Bloom (WIB) is a group of volunteers who have come together to make our village look beautiful whilst increasing the well-being of all Woodchurch residents.

  • Environmentally friendly
  • Community involvement (villagers, nurseries etc)
  • Water wise
  • Bee friendly
  • Sustainability
  • Colourful/ Aesthetically pleasing
  • Seed sowing
  • Plant donations (from splitting perennials etc)
  • Donations of seedlings
  • Working with local nurseries
  • Plant care over the winter months
  • Wherever and whenever appropriate purchase perennials
  • Purchase young annuals/ bedding plants and “foster” in the Community
  • Work with “link nurseries” for advice on “packages” of plants for planters and “areas”
  • Purchasing young plants where possible

Our Partners

Bumblebee Conservation Trust – Thank you for supporting our efforts by providing advice and donations to help our local bumblebees. Visit for further information on their work.

Pinecove Nursery is a family run Nursery just outside Tenterden. We grow our own bedding plants, perennials and specialise in hanging baskets. We are proud to have supported Woodchurch in Bloom for the last few years. They have made the village look amazing in all seasons. Please see our website for further information

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